Injection systems and control units
for plastic injection moulds and precision machining

Injection Systems INJECTION SYSTEMS iSystem - The screwed injection systems IHR Solution screwed systems can be used for a wide range of applications, from standard systems to special systems, designed for your every need. Our technology includes a wide range of tips, including the patented Topless T version, which ensures rapid color changes, excellent mechanical performance of the molded polymer and low operating pressures. Find out more > PRODUCT CATEGORIES Single Nozzles SINGLES NOZZLES The screwed single nozzles IHR nozzles differ in 4 categories:
- Single standards
- Individual Eco-Line
- Individual mini- molds
- Multi-tip
iHR Solution is able to satisfy every type of request, from the most economical solutions for the molding of amorphous polymers in common use to high performance technical polymers, guaranteeing an excellent finish at the injection point and eliminating possible losses of material.
Hot Half HOT HALF The HOT-HALF systems completely wired
and ready for installation
The Hot-Half offered by iHR Solution are made completely wired, assembled and tested, maximizing system performance. This reduces the assembly time on the mold and subsequent maintenance. Find out more > PRODUCT CATEGORIES
Controllers CONTROL UNITS AND CONTROLS The temperature control units, the pneumatic
and hydraulic control units for the
management of systems with obturation injection
The wide range of control units differs according to the production sector of the printed parts, thus allowing to carefully monitor the parameters of the application and the system used.
iHR Solution also provides the components related to the obturation systems for the sequential management of pin closure, with the use of pneumatic or hydraulic solenoid valves and pressure multipliers, to bring the correct operating pressure to the system.
Rheological Analysis RHEOLOGICAL ANALYSIS The technology to control, improve and manage
the molding process and the molded parts
Our offer in terms of simulations includes:
- Simple filling analysis
- Sequential filling analysis
- Maintenance analysis
- Cooling analysis
- Deformation analysis
Find out more > PRODUCT CATEGORIES - Analisi bi-materiale
- Bi-material analysis
- Co-injection analysis
- Stress analysis
- Fiber orientation analysis


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