After sales care

The effectiveness of our prompt post-sale service is strongly related to the logic of the product and to well-organized management of the technical data . Therefore, our website offers each of our customers a series of activities necessary for managing the 2D/3D design system, the maintenance manual, on-line support and also assistance for our foreign customers by means of emergency or scheduled intervention.

Spare parts

iHR offers an innovative management system for spare parts by means of the individual code number issued to the client and the relative job number belonging to the system, it is possible to have direct access to the spare parts sector of our warehouse to check availability, buy or even reserve components considered essential for production.
iHR guarantees the delivery of parts available in stock within 24 hours from the order for the Italian market and from 24 to 48 hours for the CE market.
Orders for components in stock are handled up to 06:00 PM.


iHR Solution offers the opportunity of simulating the injection process of the part as an integrated aspect of its technology.
For accurate analysis and evaluation of the filling process of the piece, it is absolutely essential to include the runner of the system to assess total pressures, speed and the eventual presence of shear stress, etc.
This preview capability combined with specific skills is moving the virtual world, particularly the one relating to FEM closer to everyday reality thus limiting the start-up costs for your project as much as possible.